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Version 2.4 (released Aug. 20, 2011) [Download]


Insert this line into your HTML page:
<script type="text/javascript" src="tooltip.js"></script>
Use the toolTip function with mouse-over and mouse-out events:
  • To show a tooltip, use this syntax: toolTip(text, size, opacity, padding, border)
    - text: HTML content
    - size: width in pixels or "width:height", example: "270:100"
    - opacity: 1 - 100
    - padding: pixels
    - border: CSS rule, example: "1px solid red"
    Note: all arguments except for text are optional. Opacity is not supported by all browsers.
  • To hide a tooltip, use this syntax: toolTip()


<a href="#" onMouseOver="toolTip('Just a test.', 150)" onMouseOut="toolTip()">some text here</a>
<span onMouseOver="toolTip('Another test.', '320:110', 100)" onMouseOut="toolTip()">my text</span>