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Version 1.20 (released Jun. 11, 2009) [Download]


Use the EDITOR class to create WYSIWYG-editable text fields. You can create as many fields as you want. When put into a form, the contents can be submitted, e.g. to be stored into a database (see sample page). Look and size can be modified easily and separately for each text field. Besides text-formatting, you can also insert images, bullet points, tables, and bar graphs. Other languages are supported, too. Have a look at these examples:

This script was tested with the following systems and browsers:

 Windows:    IE     Opera     FF     Chrome

If you use another browser or operating system, this script may not work for you - sorry.

Generally, richtext editing should work on Windows with Internet Explorer 4+ and with browsers using the Mozilla 1.3+ engine, i.e. all browsers that support designMode.


The following browsers have been tested and do NOT support richtext editing: NN 7.0 and Opera 7.0 on Windows, IE 5.2 and Safari 1.0 on Mac OS. However, the script works with them, too - a simple textarea will replace the richtext editor.

If you use a DOCTYPE header in your HTML page, the look of the richtext editor might slightly differ. The richtext editor looks best without DOCTYPE header.

Change Log

Version 1.20

* Modified colors and borders.
* Added messages to language settings.