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Version 2.16 (released Feb. 12, 2012) [Download]


Use this JavaScript class to create a monthly calendar. It's easy to use and highly customizable, supports multiple languages, and you can choose whether weeks start with Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or any other day. Of course you can create as many calendars as you like. Have a look at the example below. It shows five calendars; the current month (big in the middle) plus the two previous months (left) and the two next months (right):


week numbers  

In 1582, Gregory XIII made a calendar reformation (advanced leap year rules + 10 days have been dropped in October) and created the Gregorian calendar, which is in use since then. Therefore HTML-Calendar applies the Gregorian calendar for years > 1582, and the old Julian calendar for years <= 1582.

Regarding week numbers, HTML-Calendar applies the following rules:
  • One week consists of 7 days.
  • The first week of a year must contain at least 4 days, or else it will appear as last week of the previous year. This may vary depending on the day that starts the week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday...).
This script was tested with the following systems and browsers:

 Windows:    IE     Opera     FF     Chrome

If you use another browser or operating system, this script may not work for you - sorry.

Important note for users of older HTML-Calendar versions

In version 2.7, two variables were removed: tdFontColor and tdBGColor. They were replaced by a new variable tdBorderColor. This has been done because the current day (today) is now just marked by a border, leaving font color and background color unchanged. Be sure to update any scripts that use HTML-Calendar accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Change Log

Version 2.16

* Fixed events on specific weekdays in leap years.

Version 2.15

* Fixed week numbers in year 1582.
* Fixed events on specific weekdays in October 1582.

Version 2.14

* Send date in YYYY-MM-DD format when day is clicked.
* Added possibility to view events on specific weekdays.

Version 2.13

* Fixed calendar when only one week is selected.

Version 2.12

* Added support for multiple events within the same time period.
* Added possiblity to set link target.

Version 2.11

* Added support for links with parameters.

Version 2.10

* Added possibility to view only a certain week.
* Escaped slashes in closing HTML tags to avoid HTML validation errors.