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Version 3.26 (released Mar. 11, 2023) [Download]




This is a PHP chat-box with integrated spam protection. It supports smilies / multiple languages and can be used with or without a MySQL database.

You can also enable links, HTML tags and UBB codes.

Have a look at the example on the left to see how the chat-box looks and works. UBB codes are enabled, but no links or HTML tags.

If you want to know how to integrate the chat-box into your website, have a look at the usage section.

This script was tested with the following systems and browsers:

 Windows:    IE     Opera     FF     Chrome
 Mac OS X:    IE     Safari

If you use another browser or operating system, this script may not work for you - sorry.

Change Log

Version 3.26

* Escape strings properly.

Version 3.25

* Refactored code for PHP 8.

Version 3.24

* Minor bugfix.

Version 3.23

* Minor bugfix.

Version 3.22

* Adapted code to work with PHP 7 + minor bugfix.

Version 3.21

* Minor bugfix.
* Removed deprecated PHP function calls.

Version 3.20

* Fixed language files (use <?php tag and UTF-8).

Version 3.19

* Optimized protection against spam bots.

Version 3.18

* Added support for individual date format.
* Added fix for bad words array containing just an empty string.

Version 3.17

* Added possibility to send message by pressing ENTER key.
* Added possibility to hide e-mail address field.

Version 3.16

* Added patch for possible XSS in e-mail field.

Version 3.15

* Optimized protection against spam bots.

Version 3.14

* Replaced mysql_result function with mysql_fetch_row.

Version 3.13

* Added patch for possible XSS.

Version 3.12

* Added possibility to change message background colors.
* Fixed message storing in data file (backslash problem).

Version 3.11

* Bugfix: Reserved names will now work without database, too.

Version 3.10

* Added possibility to adapt CSS for admin entries.

Version 3.9

* Overlong links won't be removed anymore if links are enabled, but they will be cut to the
allowed word length. On mouse-over the whole link will appear as tooltip.

Version 3.8

* Added possibility for admin to use reserved names.

Version 3.7

* Updated UBB tags.
* Added list of reserved names, e.g. administrator etc.

Version 3.6

* Position of input fields can be "left", "right", "top" and "bottom" now.

Version 3.5

* Added patch for possible XSS in UBB codes.
* Added support for multibyte characters.