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Version 4.11 (released Feb. 12, 2023) [Download]


Use this script to create horizontal / vertical bar graphs, progress bars and faders. You can create simple graphs and even grouped bar graphs with legends, add labels, change colors etc. No graphics or graphical libraries required.

This script was tested with PHP 8.

Important note for users of older HTML-Graphs versions

In version 4.0, some variable names have been changed:
  • barColor is now barColors
  • barLevelColor is now barLevelColors
This has been done for clarity reasons. Be sure to update any scripts that use HTML-Graphs accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Change Log

Version 4.11

* Refactored code to work with PHP 8.

Version 4.10

* Abs. values can be added to the legend now (variable legendAbsValues).

Version 4.9

* Added possiblity to change the color of the bar with the highest value.

Version 4.8.1

* Tweaked the code to avoid PHP messages when using strict error reporting.

Version 4.8

* Added legend alignment.

Version 4.7

* Fixed bar length of negative values.

Version 4.6

* Fixed viewing of zero values and decimals in combination with baseValue.

Version 4.5

* Added new variable baseValue.


Click here to view a dynamic example of HTML-Graphs.