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Version 2.2 (released Jan. 14, 2014) [Download]


If you want to send HTML mails including images and stylesheets, or want to attach files - this script is for you. Images and files will be included into the mail body and will be sent to the recipient(s). MIME mails (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) can consist of more than just plain text.

What's the benefit? Once the recipients got your e-mail, they don't need to be online to see the images or load the stylesheets, since they are included in the mail body. So one benefit is that your e-mails can be viewed offline at any time, and the second is that all the included images and stylesheets will not be loaded from your server every time somebody opens your e-mail, like they would if you just linked them. This means less traffic for your server, and no more missing files.

This script was tested with Python 2.4. Mail delivery was tested with Windows XP and Outlook Express. If you use another system or e-mail client and this script doesn't work for you, let me know!