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Version 1.2 (released Dec. 31, 2016) [Download]


Extract the files to your webserver and adapt the configuration file (config.inc.php) to your needs.

ImageMaker supports the following languages:

  English  -  lang_en.inc
  German  -  lang_de.inc
  Portuguese (Brazil)  -  lang_pt-BR.inc

If you translate it into your language, please let me know! ;-)

If you want to use ImageMaker as a stand-alone software, just open imagemaker.php with your favorite browser - that's all, have fun. ;-)

However, if you want to integrate ImageMaker into your website like I did in the introduction section, add this code to your PHP page where you want the generator to appear:
<?php include_once('path/to/imagemaker.inc.php'); ?>
<script type="text/javascript">
var imo = new IMAGEMAKER();
BTW, you can create as many generators as you like on the same page.

The generated images can easily be saved by right-clicking the image and selecting "Save target as...".