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Version 1.2 (released Mar. 17, 2007) [Download]


This script simulates a pocket calculator. Have a look at this example:


  • Use the buttons or the number pad of your keyboard to enter numbers and operators.
    NOTE: Opera and Firefox assign special functions to some keys of the number pad, so they won't work with the calculator.
  • Click "=" or press the [ENTER] key of your keyboard to view the result.
  • Reset the calculator by clicking "AC" or pressing [ESC] on your keyboard.
  • Delete the current input by clicking "CI" or pressing [DEL] on your keyboard.
  • Delete one character of the current input by clicking "←" or pressing the left arrow key on your keyboard.
  • Click "Hex" to switch from decimal to hexadecimal mode.
  • Click "Dec" to switch from hexadecimal to decimal mode.
  • Close the calculator by clicking the X-button in the title bar or pressing [X] on your keyboard.
    NOTE: The shortkey doesn't work with Safari.
This script was tested with the following systems and browsers:

 Windows:    IE     NN 7     Opera     FF     Chrome
 Mac OS X:    IE     Safari

If you use another browser or operating system, this script may not work for you - sorry.

  • The calculator looks strange in IE 5 on Mac OS, but it works. Opera has problems when dragging the calculator, i.e. it selects the text underneath.
  • Precision of floating point numbers is limited to 13 decimals. This is necessary because JavaScript isn't very accurate with floating point numbers; for instance, when you add 0.2 to 0.1 with JavaScript, the result will be 0.30000000000000004 instead of the expected 0.3. JS-Calculator tries to fix this by rounding and limiting the number of decimals. Exception: numbers in exponential notation, e.g. 1.7953425537109374e-9.